International Week 2019 for our 1st year Programme Grande École students

For the third year running, IDRAC Business School hosted an International Week (IW) at the Lyon campus. All IWs are based on the same central concept: during one week organised by the Programme Grande École, staff from partner universities – up to two from each other participating university – come to explore the host institution and share their knowledge of their own institution and country. Every IW contains multiple opportunities for exchange of information and ideas, as each partner presents their country and institution. There are tours to local companies that represent local industries and economic growth engine – as well as cultural activities, which show the respective country from its best side. Equally important, the social structure of this week creates friendships and social networks, which in turn inspires future cooperation between different people from different countries. The customary International Dinner where each partner samples local, traditional dishes – each accompanied by its own stories, drinks and cultural merits, is one such example. This year’s International Dinner took place at Le Tiroir.

This year’s IW consisted of different courses, workshops and seminars aimed at the 1st year students of the IDRAC Programme Grande Ecole. Partner institutions from different continents were invited to share their knowledge and experience of cross-cultural issues with the PGE students, with the specific aim of raising awareness of cross-cultural adaptation, in preparation for their upcoming International Work Experience and Erasmus+/Study Abroad semester. The international visitors (see photo below) gave the students valuable insights into their university, their city, their culture and precious advice so that the students may adapt without difficulty to a new way of living, working and learning.




The Opening Speech « when an international background means D.Y.S. » was delivered by Durley MIRANDA, a World Citizen from Colombia – France. The first day continued with Lori TURNER and Sandra RICARDEZ-DELLI (IDRAC Business School) presenting a snapshot of the semester where students go abroad to work : the IWE – International Work Experience. Romain BICHERON (IDRAC Business School) shared insights into International Mobility. Hélène BAILLON presented the option of volontariat international en entreprise (V.I.E.), followed by a talk from Jean-Luc SPIRE, General Manager of Outokumpu France, then an Introduction to Intercultural Skills and their application by Michelle J. CUMMINGS-KOETHER from the Fakultät ECRI-I.G. Technische Hochschule Pfarrkirchen, Germany.


On day 2, Jorge GUTIERREZ BREÑOSA presented his institution: Centro Universitario Cesine, Santander, España. There were then two breakout workshops: (i) Business Communication & Spanish Culture from an insider led by Francisco CEREZO ALAMINOS of Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and

(ii) How to Improve your Presentation Skills led by Pauline BOR of Rotterdam Business School, Netherlands. In the afternoon, students attended a workshop on ‘Business Innovation & Creativity’, delivered by Gerard GROENEVELD, also of Rotterdam Business School, Netherlands. The day finished with a visit to Le Musée, a traditional Bouchon, typical of Lyon.


Day 3 started with “Greetings from Dublin” by Kevin ARONDEL, Global Client Success Manager, and insights from Ireland by Francis KELLY, Director of ISB International School of Business. Then Jean-Yves HAMIOT (IDRAC Business School) presented his research on “Carrière et Mondialisation”. During the lunch break, students attended an ‘International Fair’ to discover different cultures, by participating in various workshops – such as an African dance class. This was followed by a presentation of a ‘Business Case from a Global Perspective’ by Prof. Francisco UBIERNA of C.I.S. – Endicott International, Madrid, España. The day finished with visits of the campus and the city.



The 4th day began with two breakout workshops: (i) Persuasive Formulation by Gijsbert WESTLAND of Rotterdam Business School, Netherlands, and (ii) a presentation by Gabrielle CROSSLEY from USC International University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Then, Fanny LEPINAY (IDRAC Business School) shared with the students her insights on ‘Pedagogical Differences Abroad’. The afternoon event was a workshop organised by the research department, attended by the research-active academics at IDRAC Business School and visiting partner academics – the purpose of which was to explore and develop research collaboration, and to discuss the annual research conference to be held in Avignon (May 2020), details at:



The PGE students continued with two further presentations: ‘Identify your Softskills’ by Ting LIN, Coach – Teacher, based in Germany-Taiwan-France, then Cedric GHENNOUCHI, President and Founder of Nativing, Lyon, France.

The final day was structured around facilitating the choice of destination, to help students decide where to go. Former students of the Programme Grande École shared their insights and experience of studying and working abroad. Then, the Closing Speech was delivered by Maritzabel CLAROS FERRER, Coach and Author, from Association Synchronia, Colombia.


Publié le 9 janvier 2020